Good lighting is everything – truly, everything. Of course, natural lighting is the most preferred method of illuminating a room, though if you need support from installations, it’s important to focus on getting the light right.

Yes, it sounds like a design cliche, but lighting impacts everything from the ambiance and mood of a space to your overall happiness and comfort of being in a room. It is undoubtedly an important focus during your next renovation or updates to your home.

So, how can bring positive ambiance to your home?

Here are our tips on getting the light right

Consider your ceiling height in every room

When planning your lighting installations, knowing your ceiling height is important. Consider this – if you are using pendant lighting as we profiled in a recent blog on kitchen lighting trends, the bottom of your lights should hang between 12 to 20 inches below an 8-foot ceiling. Of course, your interior designer or expert electricians can help support your planning and installation, though this is a general rule of thumb.

Plan – draw! – it out

Knowing the importance of lighting in one’s home, you might consider planning and drawing the vision of your room. Identify where your couches will be placed, where your table will be positioned and if you will have side tables in your living areas. Drawing your furniture, identifying where you want to place your lighting elements and consulting with an expert will help to create the lighting ambiance you are searching for.

Embrace the benefits of smart lighting

Smart lights can provide incredible benefits that otherwise traditional lighting cannot; different tones and hues, increase and decrease in light strength, and immediate changes in colours, just to name a few. Selecting a smart light bulb, or bulbs, for your home can be a near perfect solution from a bulb selection perspective.

There are many bulbs available on the market, so we can help you select the best option for your home. From Sengled to Philips, each bulb and company have different benefits and features to be aware of.

Uplighting can create softness in any room

Consider turning it up! While downlight options are certainly most popular, wall uplighting can create softness and enhance the ambiance in specific rooms. Use uplighting selectively, such as a bedroom or living area. Uplighting can help to avoid potentially stark or hard downlighting.

Consider placement of your wiring and socket options

Of course, at Stapleton Electric we provide residential wiring and professional upgrade services, which is why it is essential to consider placement of your wiring and socket option. We always work with you to understand your placement and strategically focus on getting the light right, which is why planning and “drawing it out” is essential prior to installation.

We love residential wiring, primarily because we get to work with our clients to deliver truly beautiful lighting solutions in unique homes throughout the Lower Mainland. If you are preparing for a home renovation, or simply want to focus on getting the light right within your home, contact us for a consultation.