With 2019 in full swing, we have been keeping a close eye on residential home trends – particularly as it relates to kitchen lighting. With mixed metals, industrial inspirations and smart lighting all becoming increasingly more popular over the last few years, 2019 is one that we expect to see a combination of all three in the kitchen. It’s clear that life in Greater Vancouver is hectic enough, so seeing soulful, quiet and simple trends in kitchen lighting is something we are ready for. Let’s get started!

Read on to discover 5 kitchen lighting trends for 2019.

1. Pendant lighting is in.

While recessed lights have been trendy for the last decade, we are excited about pendant kitchen lighting. From a kitchen electrical wiring perspective, it adds a unique touch with suspension and provides a sense of personal expression in your home, simply because pendant lighting is so different!

With pendant lighting, professional wiring is essential. Placement, especially in the kitchen, needs to be well planned and executed.

2. Matte finishes are more popular than ever.

The beauty of matte finishes, as it relates to your lighting selections or your appliance options, is that it is naturally reduces the look of finger prints, dirt and grime. It’s true! Matte also compliments most kitchen materials very nicely, making the selection decision that much easier. If children are in your home, or if you are searching for the perfect addition to compliment a unique appliance, you might consider matte lighting options.

3. Metallic accents are a great touch.

Metallics have been an interior design trend for the last few years, and the trend continues in 2019. Gold and copper, particularly, provide a classic vibe to your kitchen lighting. This can be in the form of large pendant lighting, or simple drop lights above your kitchen counter.

4. Don’t hesitate to keep it simple.

With new residential construction happening nearly everywhere in the Lower Mainland, from Surrey to Abbotsford and renovations in between, don’t hesitate to keep your lighting selections simple. Unless you are prepared to update your lighting every other year in accordance with new trends, keeping it simple can be a smart investment.

The best part? Simple isn’t boring! Selecting modern, metallic options are a great way to bring life to your kitchen, while well placed under-cabinet lighting can also bring a sleek option to your home.

5. Smart lighting is becoming the norm.

“Alexa, turn on the kitchen lights” is a phrase that is used more and more often as we move through 2019. Building a smart home, starting with the kitchen, is a great practice. Connecting your smart devices and turning your home into a smart home is an excellent way to bring automation and efficiency into your life. There are plenty of selections on the market, from Alexa or Google devices to multi-coloured light bulbs and more.

These five tips are easy to implement in your kitchen lighting plan for 2019, especially with a professional electrician supporting you along every step of the way. At Stapleton Electric, strive to provide best in class, peace-of-mind service in the Greater Vancouver area. Reach out to us at Stapleton Electric, to learn more today.