With over 107,000 people employed in the electrical industry within Canada, the importance of power delivery cannot be underestimated. The demand for new employees is high; in fact, a recent report from Electricity Human Resources Canada shares that 20,500 new electricians will be required in both power plants and transmission systems before the year 2022.

As a highly sought after position, this means that additional high-quality workers will be entering the industry and workforce. Electricity is truly the function of nearly everything we do – without electricity, you would not be reading this resource on your phone, tablet or computer right now!

This is a profession that we are so passionate about, and we are proud of our team here at Stapleton Electric. As such, we’ve compiled some facts about local electricians you may not know.


Here are 6 things you didn’t know about local electricians


1. There’s a lot of education that goes into what we do

To become a Master Electrician in British Columbia, you need to hold a field safety representative class A, B and C certificate and a qualification as a construction or industrial electrician. These qualifications can take years – sometimes longer than what it takes to become a Doctor!


2. We bring safety to your house, even after we’re gone

Working with an electrician, you are protected from known safety hazards that happen in your home. This can include fires, electrical shocks or other forms of danger. Safety while on the job is important, and if electricity is not approached with caution, you can face challenges in the future.


3. We work with homes, townhomes and condos

Living in the Lower Mainland, we have the ability to work with a variety of homes – including single family dwellings, townhomes and condos. Did you know that they are all unique and different in their own way? Residential wiring and code compliance can change, depending on where you live.


4. We configure smart homes, too

Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular, especially in Canada. Smart homes are most popular with the 25-34 year age group, which means this group is transforming their current dwelling into a smart dwelling, and will only carry this with them as they move from condos to townhomes, or townhomes to single family homes.

Electricians are becoming experts in smart home configuration. From smart lighting to strategic ways of making your home shine with unique colours and tones, local electricians configure smart homes, too.


5. We know Electric Vehicles

As electricians, we are not restricted to just smart homes. In fact, at Stapleton Electric, we’re getting into Electric Vehicles too! With the advent of Electric Vehicles on the road comes the need for at-home charging stations. From load calculations to optimized service without compromising your home and your vehicle, local electricians here in Vancouver will understand what you need to do if you purchase an Electric Vehicle.


6. We’re always hiring!

With 20,500 new electricians needed before 2022, that means companies like ours are always hiring. In fact, you can visit our careers page now to learn more about who we are looking for. With growing client needs each and every day, we are searching for new talent to join our team,


As local electricians in the Lower Mainland, we are proud of the work we do. To learn more about how you can benefit from working with Stapleton Electric, click here.