Does anyone still remember the Yellow Pages? I mean the actual book, with pages made of actual yellow paper, that landed with a thump on your doorstep once a year. If you needed a plumber, say, you flipped to the section in P for Plumbing and there was the list of local plumbing companies in alphabetical order in neat little columns and cleverly-drawn print ads.

The Yellow Pages gave you all the information you needed except the most important piece of information: whichcompany should you choose? Which one was the best? Which one could you really trust?

Well, we have no shortage now of digital information about people and about companies, which one is best, which one is, well, not the best… We can find ourselves drowning in information. But we still need help deciding which information we can trust.

This is especially important when it comes to choosing a company to work in your home or place of business, because a company is, in the end, its people. Its people will be spending hours in your shop or gallery or garage or kitchen (or your bedroom, for heaven’s sake).

Stapleton Electric is a family-run company that recognizes, on every level, the quality and importance of people. Proprietor Derek Stapleton runs the company with General Manager Crystal Stapleton. Derek is a third-generation electrician and has more than two decades of experience in the industry.

What we want first of all is a company that values its customers, not just in words but in deeds, in their work and in their business culture. Established in 2015, Stapleton has already proved itself a trusted local business, known for honesty, transparency, integrity, and attention to detail.

It’s not difficult to find, in the vest sea of Internet opinion, excellent customer testimony recommending Stapleton Electric. You can read it for yourself on Facebook:

Or at

And of course, there is always the Google Review. Of the seventeen available, this Google review is perhaps the most revealing:

If you are about to embark on a reno and are at the researching/decision stage of who to call, just stop and call Derek! Everything about how he operates is impressive! In this current market, it is rare to find a company in which the owner personally oversees the project from start to finish. His response time-100%. His communication skills-100%. His time management skills-100%. His quote to final billing-exactly what he said it would be. If he had any spare time in his life, he should mentor new business owners because the trade industry needs more people like him. We feel very lucky to have aligned with Stapleton Electric!

Marnie Pieper, Google Review

We also, however, want to be assured that company also values the people who work for them. You can be sure that Stapleton values their employees highly as well! Recent job listings highlight the company’s willingness to take care of employees, offering fair benefits and investing in their further training.

As well as requiring staff who are excellent at their primary tasks, Stapleton also searches for skilled communicators who will build solid long-term relationships with clients and industry partners. And they stress the basics: “Solid work ethic – Responsible, Trust worthy, Honest and Loyal”1

In fact, you’ll find requirements like tenacity, a positive attitude, and commitment to being a team player are high on their list of qualifications. Clearly Stapleton is a workplace that values human excellence as well as technical proficiency.

Stapleton is clearly also committed to its industry, training high-quality professionals and fostering high business and personal standards.

What all this adds up to is that Stapleton is a company in it for the long haul. It invests in good long-term relationships with employees, customers and industry partners. Over the years, this kind of investment pays off all over the place. Many smaller excellent business relationships and satisfied customers end up improving the quality of life in a whole community.

And isn’t that what we all want when we’re looking for trades to work in our homes or businesses? Not flippant, fly-by-night enterprises that come and go, but stable, responsible community businesses that embody basic decency and pride in a job done well and people well-treated.

Because from top to bottom it’s all about the people. Derek and Crystal Stapleton set high standards for themselves, hire and nurture high quality staff, and it pays off in excellent work.

Want to experience this for yourself? Contact Stapleton today to ace your next electrical job!