Electricity came to Langley in the early 1900s, but in its first years, it was a rare luxury to have it in one’s home. Almost all electricity generated was used to power the British Columbia Electric Railway (BCER) line. But by the time electric service hit local residences, you can be sure that someone was calling an electrician for help, assuming they could find one. In those days, an electrician was a rare and almost unknown creature.

Fast-forward a century or so. There are more reasons than ever for Langley and area power-users to call an electrician. Here are three prominent ones:

  1. Safety. Safety is our number one on our priority list and should be the priority of every electrician.

  3. Storms. We’re not immune to rough weather, and most Langley folks have at least a couple of not-so-fond memories of storms of recent years. An electrician can help you be proactive before the next “big one” knocks the lights out.

  5. Style. Yes, an electrician can help you with that. That is, as long as we’re talking about stylish lighting upgrades for your home and not your hair or wardrobe.


Safe Langley

A good electrician knows all the potential electrical hazards to your home. Was your house built in the 1960s or 1970s? You should be concerned with more than just a stylish upgrade. Your residence may be one of possibly hundreds that were wired with aluminum wire, popular with installers when copper prices were high.

Are there sparks coming from receptacles or switches, lights that flicker, or circuit breakers that trip for no reason? These are signs of safety issues with your aluminum wiring. Of course, these issues aren’t limited to just aluminum wiring. Whether your home is old or new, don’t hesitate to call an electrician if there are any signs of the problems we just mentioned. All electrical issues are potential safety hazards.

Storm-prone Langley

The landscape and scenery of the city of Langley and Langley Township rivals any other area in B.C. Trees are a significant part of our beautiful local environment. But, as we’ve discovered, when storms hit our area, it can wreak havoc when high winds cause those big beautiful trees to come crashing down– sometimes bringing power lines with them.

Once vital electricity is flowing to essential services, BC Hydro works to get service back to normal in Langley’s large neighbourhoods, then smaller ones and individual customers. But, when you’re shivering in the dark, it feels like you’re at the end of the line. And, the reality is, maybe you are! Wherever you are on the power grid, you should always ensure you’re ready for a power outage.

Power outages aren’t always weather-related. A motor vehicle crash or an accident involving animals can happen anytime. Make sure you’re prepared year-round, with a flashlight, spare batteries handy, and an emergency kit. BC Hydro has some great power-out readiness tips on their website.

Because there are so many circumstances that cause power outages, more and more Langley residential electrical customers are calling on a professional electrician to install hassle-free backup generators. Unlike portable generators, backup generators can be permanently installed in your backyard and connected to your electrical panel.

Here’s the simple version of what a standby generator does when the power goes out. The generator senses a power outage immediately, and if your electrical services fail to return, the automatic transfer switch disconnects your service from the utility lines and switches it to the backup generator. It takes just seconds. When BC Hydro restores the power, the system reconnects the utility lines and shuts the generator down.

Stylish Langley

Have you noticed those cool condo projects popping up in Fort Langley, Willowbrook, downtown, Aldergrove — and all over Langley? Have you looked inside any of those new show homes? If you have, your own home may feel a little outdated. You’re not alone. A lot of our Langley area clients feel that way. But they’ve discovered something surprising. Instead of upgrading their entire home, they’ve focused on adding some stylish lighting, and voila! Transformation!

Need lighting ideas for your home? We have blogs to help, starting with your kitchen and on to every room in the house.

At Stapleton Electric, we want to be your electrician of choice in Langley, not just for reasons of style and practicality with things like lighting and fixtures, but more importantly, for safety’s sake. That might include helping you weather the next storm with a safe, reliable backup generator, or replacing your home’s old aluminum wiring.

The “3 S’s”, Safety, Storms and Style, are all great reasons to call an electrician in Langley. And we hope you’ll choose us! Reach out to us here, right now.