When you pick up the phone to call an electrician, plumber, or other tradesperson with whom you might not be familiar, do you ever wonder if you’re making the right choice? After all, some are better than others, right? And you know you’re going to be spending plenty of your hard-earned money and you just hope that you’ve got one of the good ones.

Well, hiring a tradesperson doesn’t have to be a guessing game thanks to the Red Seal Program. formally known as the Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Program. It’s an important program for a variety of industries, setting common standards to assess the skills of tradespeople across the country. It protects not only consumers but also the companies that hire tradespeople to represent their business.

More about the program and Red Seal Journeymen

Red Seal recognizes that the trades are an important part of any economy. Skilled tradesmen and women are essential to the country’s well-being and are an integral part of a number of different industries, including the service trades, manufacturing, construction, and automotive work. As a matter of fact, government data shows that 1 in every 5 employed Canadians make their living in the trades.

Because these individuals are so integral to the country’s operations, the government has taken a huge role in making sure those tradespeople that come to your home to fix the HVAC or those who service your car or build your house are at the top of their game, so to speak. From that desire to offer the best available grew the Red Seal Program.

The Red Seal Program is overseen by the Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship (CCDA), a voluntary intergovernmental partnership among the provinces and territories – which are responsible for apprenticeship training and trade certification – and the federal government.  The CCDA consists of 15 members including one official from each province and territory, and each works hard to be sure that training and certification remain at high standards.

At Stapleton Electric, we support the CCDA because we believe it’s essential that our employees are among the best in their field. That’s why we demand they be a part of this top-notch initiative.

As such, our apprentices receive Red Seal training and are required to pass the examinations developed in conjunction with professionals in the industry, working their way up to certified Red Seal Journeymen status.

This skilled trades-related training and certification means we send out only the best to take care of our customers’ needs and it also provides the worker with the confidence to know they’re doing the job right and to the best of their ability.

Choosing Stapleton Electric and its Red Seal Journeymen for your electrical needs

When you invite Stapleton employees into your home to take care of electrical installations or to make repairs, we assure you that you’ll be happy when the job is complete. With Red Seal certification, we know that we’re offering the best and most for your dollar for tasks both large and small, including:

  • Residential wiring upgrades
  • new installations
  • lighting upgrades
  • Ceiling fans
  • Light switches
  • Doorbell wiring
  • Home security
  • Automation
  • Modernization – for example, contemporary home lighting upgrades
  • Office / workspace wiring and upgrades

Our experts can also help you with landscape lighting for the exterior of your property, adding elegance to your backyard area, improving the aesthetics of your home and increasing your home’s value as well. We take all necessary steps to make sure wiring is concealed and that our lighting serves only to enhance your outdoor space.

Our apprentices and journeymen can also assist you in installing generators to assist you during power outages, especially during extreme weathers seasons. We’ll help you determine which generator is right for you and help you select one that fits your space needs as well as your budget.

In addition, the professionals at Stapleton Electric Inc. also inspect homes for code compliance issues, keeping your family safe from fires and other issues caused by outdated or worn wiring.

Our up-to-date knowledge also includes installing EV hook-ups for electric car(s), recognizing that more and more Canadians are turning to these vehicles for efficiency and to aid the environment.

Want to learn more about our team of Red Seal Journeymen? Need an expert electrician for your next home project? Call us at 778-985-9395 for an appointment or to talk to one of our professionals.