If you own an electric vehicle, you’ve probably experienced what owners are calling “range anxiety”; that is, worries about the inability to find a place to charge your vehicle in order to complete your trip. While the number of electric vehicle owners in Canada is growing exponentially, running out of charge is still an issue that plagues those who want to travel long distances with their vehicle.

But CAA and other EV-related organizations within the country say that the anxiety is beginning to disappear a little at a time as more and more and more charging stations pop up in all of the nation’s provinces, especially near large cities and other more-populated areas.

Charging begins at home

Of course, the bulk of electric vehicle drivers still do most of their charging at home. As a matter of fact, it is estimated that 90 percent of all charging happens either at home or – sometimes – at work. That’s why it’s essential to have a suitable electric vehicle charging solution at your home.

It’s a wise idea to bring in a professional to help with this task. A company like Stapleton, which has a wealth of experience in the EV charging station business, can provide EV owners with a number of charging solutions that fit the owner’s specific needs, including superior Level 2 chargers that allow for a quicker charge. This involves the installation of an Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) control, which uses a dedicated 240 volt household electric circuit.

Live in a multi-unit dwelling? Stapleton can offer apartment building owners and managers a larger system that accommodates multiple cars. As more affordable electric vehicles become available, the fleet is certainly expanding and individuals who rent or don’t own a single family home will appreciate the ability to charge at home, even if home is a condo or apartment.

Charging continues at work                          

If you are a business owner, you may be considering the installation of an entire bank of EV charge stations for your employees. More and more businesses are opting for such installations, which allow their employees to charge during their working hours.

Stapleton understands the impact of such an installation on a company’s electrical system and can recommend the right chargers for their needs as well as those that are most cost-efficient. As more and more individuals at all income levels begin to choose electric vehicles, the need for employers to supply such a convenience becomes essential, so it’s wise for company owners to consider EV chargers as a perk for their hard-working staff.

Charging on the road

Throughout Canada, several companies have committed to building charging stations that will certainly satisfy EV owners in the country’s busiest areas. Earlier this year, PetroCanada announced plans for installing a vast network of charging stations that would stretch from Halifax to Vancouver along the southern portion of the nation. Similarly, Electrify Canada – a subsidiary of Volkswagen – is offering 32 new fast and ultra-fast stations in southern British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec. And, back in February, the government announced funding for 900 Level 3 CHAdeMO and CCS chargers.

It’s easy to see that the electric vehicle trend is no longer limited to only those who can afford high-priced automobiles that are certainly out of the question for many. With the selection of EVs growing and prices coming down, electric vehicles are indeed something all environmentally-conscious individuals are beginning to consider.