With the weather warming up this Spring, combined with the time we are spending outdoors due to the continued global pandemic, our interior renovation ideas have likely made their way outside. We have consulted with many clients over the last few months who have been preparing their exterior landscape lighting for the Summer ahead, so we’ve decided to share tips with you in this latest article.

Landscape lighting is an area of the home that is uniquely custom to each individual. While some home owners love the idea of an expansive area with plenty of illumination, others prefer a sweeping, soft approach to concept lighting.

Whichever side of the proverbial ‘fence’ you sit on, we are certain you will find inspiration in our tips below.


Landscape Lighting Tips To Prepare Your Home For The Summer

Here are tips you can use for your home as you prepare for the home for the Summer.


1. Consider the lightbulbs you plan on installing 

Much like the interior of a home, the lightbulbs you decide on will make a world of difference. There are a variety of lightbulbs that can be appropriate for outdoor lighting:

  • LED landscape lighting, which can be more expensive but offer long lifetime value. Check out these LED pathway lights here
  • Halogen bulbs, which are generally more efficient than incandescent (which we are not including on this list due to their high rate of electrical consumption). You can check out halogen landscape options here
  • Solar power lighting. While you will want to ensure that you place these in an area with high sun exposure, this could be an excellent addition to any landscape. You can view one option here

Whatever your desired option might be, the lightbulbs you plan on installing will have a significant impact on the light level of your property.


2. Determine the function of your lighting selection

When it comes to landscape lighting, there is generally a function you will be addressing:

  1. Accent areas to illuminate. You may be drawing attention to an area of your property, such as a flower bed or your patio. Consider what you are ‘accenting’ and what you aren’t.
  2. Overall illumination…for those barbecues you will be hosting once we can all meet outdoors!
  3. Task lighting, which is generally used as a function to light pathways, driveways or other areas for safety.


3. Work with an expert to guide your lighting positioning

Positioning your landscape lighting is an essential piece of this puzzle. It is important to position and shield so to not create glare on your property. Glare can happen when a light source is too big or bright (think: high beams on a vehicle). At Stapleton Electric, we support landscape lighting consultation and installation so you can create the perfect outdoor oasis for your property.


With the warm weather upon us, we can’t wait to get out and enjoy the outdoors. If you are seeking to make dramatic improvements to the exterior of your home, look first at utilizing strategic landscape lighting. To learn more, contact us here.