Looking for a good Vancouver electrician? A good word from a friend or family member is often the best way to find any professional service– and those good words are mainstay at Stapleton Electric. Much of our business at Stapleton Electric comes from word of mouth: one happy local resident sharing their positive experience with another. But online searches can be helpful too. Many of our customers have found Stapleton Electric through some type of internet search.


Better Business Bureau Approved


Your peace of mind should be a primary component of your search for a local electrician. One good place to search online is on the Better Business Bureau website. The BBB is an excellent online resource for finding a good electrician or a reputable business of any kind. Not all Vancouver electricians are accredited with the BBB, and no doubt, some competent local electricians aren’t. But at Stapleton, we feel your peace of mind is essential. So, we’re happy to say we indeed have accreditation with the Mainland B.C. Better Business Bureau, which covers Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. We’re also pleased to have an A+ rating.

The peace of mind that our professional attitude and practices bring is one reason we’re so highly rated by our clients. In your search for a Vancouver electrician, safety should take the top spot. “Safety” is a word you’ll hear us using at Stapleton Electric often. We take the time to blog about our conversations and talk about them with our customers. More importantly, it’s something we practice at Stapleton.


Electrical Code Compliance


Does your prospective electrician “know the code”? Safe installation and repair depend on it. Even small projects require compliance with the Canadian Electrical Code, the “rulebook” for the safe installation of wiring and all things electrical. Its purpose is to protect people and property from the danger of electrical malfunctions. Any electrician you hire should also be familiar with local electrical codes, permits and inspection requirements for each municipality in Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

A good Vancouver electrician should be able to offer a safe backup power solution for your home or business. Having your home or business suddenly left in the cold and in the dark because of a power outage is never a safe proposition. Our own solution for our Lower Mainland customers is a hassle-free backup generator.


Smart Backup Generator


Not only can a backup generator be permanently installed in your backyard, it’s “smarter” than a portable machine. It knows when the power is out. Connected to your electrical panel it detects a power outage right away, and if your electrical services fail to return, the automatic transfer switch disconnects your service from the utility lines and switches it to the backup generator. It takes just seconds. When BC Hydro restores the power, the system reconnects the utility lines and shuts the generator down.

If you’re searching for an electrician in Vancouver, make it a safe choice. At Stapleton Electric, we work hard at providing distinguished peace-of-mind service in Greater Vancouver. That service might mean helping you bring your home or business into compliance with all electrical codes. Or, it might mean weathering the next west coast storm with a safe, reliable backup generator. Reach out to us at Stapleton Electric, right now.