DIY enthusiasts are known to scour the web, getting ideas for their next project, a home fix or a needed repair. Generally, DYI’ers search for any odd job to do around their condo or home, sometimes in an attempt to feel a sort of accomplishment, and other times to save money. When you have a project around the home that revolves around electricity, you might be tempted to find a DIY fix. While there are certainly times when you can pursue such a fix (check out our blog on 5 insider electric repair trips from the pros here), there are other jobs where you would certainly benefit from a professional residential electrician.

That decision can be tough, so we’re here to help make it easier.

Here are our tips on making the decision – to hire a residential electrician or DIY your next project.


1. Safety must always your top priority

If you are wondering whether or not the DIY project in question is safe, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

However, if the project is simple – such as replacing a light switch, outlet or light fixture, all you will (generally) need is a great screwdriver and pliers. Don’t forget to turn the power off at the main switch.

That’s not to say that these projects cannot be done by professional electricians. We’ve completed plenty of light switch, outlet or light fixture changes!

2. Do not work at the panel or breaker box

Working at either of these places is not only dangerous, it could cost you some serious money if something were to go awry. If any work needed on your home requires panel or breaker box access, be sure to call a professional.

3. Leave new construction to the professionals

With any new home, you need to be aware of final approvals and permits. As such, any new construction, including any electrical-related work, should always be done by the professionals.

BC Hydro has rules about connecting new services to construction that is not completed by a licensed electrician, so be very careful with these builds.

4. Installation of appliances can be done, with help

Fixed appliances, including microwaves, fridges, televisions and more, can be set-up as DIY if you so choose. In the Summer months, you might be setting up your air conditioning systems, or in the Winter you could be installing your portable heater. With safety as the primary focus, you can install these on your own, ideally with support.

5. Home security should be left to the professionals

Whether you have a home security system that is connected to your home phone, or perhaps yours is aligned with a smart technology, we believe that home security should be left to the professionals. Even if the set-up seems straightforward enough, a double-check for safety should be done.

We support both home security and automatic, which many smart technology uses. Residential electrician support can go a long way during this process.

While there are many situations where DIY is valuable, there are others where a residential electrician professional should support your home projects. To learn more about when and where to engage a professional electrician, contact us here.