There is perhaps nothing more impressive than walking into a home that is totally ‘smart’. From the integration of Alexa with living room lighting, or using smart plugs combined with Google Home to automate your morning routine, smart homes are not only impressive, they can seriously make your lives easier. Yet, one of the most common questions we receive about smart homes is, “where should I start?” – and while you might not think about using electrician companies to support you immediately, we’re confident that this is really where you should start.

Consider this – you’re searching for a smart thermostat for your two bedroom condo, ideally one that can coordinate with multi-room thermostats. So, you purchase the latest and greatest based on impeccable Amazon reviews, without considering whether or not said smart thermostat can actually accompany your condo’s baseboard heaters. It’s true! Some thermostats will not work with baseboard heaters, while others will.

Without a professional, you might be lost as to where to start, and perhaps even make expensive mistakes as above.

With that said, here are 3 ways electrician companies can make your home smart.


1. An electrician can check for neutral wires

The most common requirement of any residential automated lighting system is to find a neutral wire. if you are thinking about adding smart light switch, in particular, you will need to have a neutral wire behind the wallplate. If you are in doubt, it is essential to hire an electrician to check for this. Electrician companies can pull up neutral wires wherever you need them, so you can set your home up for success.

2. Electrician companies can help strategically set-up your smart hub

Did you know that many smart products require a smart hub? A smart hub is hardware or software that connects your smart devices on an automation network. Smart hubs are needed for lighting, thermostats, and more.

Electrician companies can help to strategically set-up your smart hub (where should it be placed, and how can you hide the wires from view?) They can also suggest a smart hub that is either simple, or advanced, depending on your unique needs.

3. The support will also keep you safe

When it comes to electrical support in your home, there is no-one better to support you than an electrician. From breakers to placement, neutral wires to strategically finding ways to save you money, support from an electrician will go a long way. We never recommend playing with your home wiring without a professional, as the safety risks and potential monetary hazards are significant.

Home automation – smart homes – are becoming increasingly popular with home owners in the Lower Mainland. We have been working with residents in strategically developing their smart home for years, while ensuring code compliance and safety along every step of the way. The steps made to develop a ‘traditional’ home into a smart home are many, though we are excited about the end result with every project. To learn more or to ask questions about your home, contact us here.