Electric fireplaces are lovely additions to a home, cosmetically and practically speaking. But many things can negatively affect a fireplace’s performance— aside from the obvious one. It’s unplugged! (We all have days like that.)

Good news. Electric fireplace problems are easy to identify, and basic repair and maintenance is straightforward. You’ll probably be able to take care of most basic fireplace problems yourself. But it’s important to know the limits of one’s technical expertise– for safety’s sake.

Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s unwritten law of electric fireplaces says that your fireplace is most likely to stop functioning on the coldest day of the year. (It just struck us that we’ve just put Murphy’s unwritten law into writing! We’ll celebrate later. ) Hopefully, you’re not stuck with a broken fireplace in subzero weather, but we’re here with professional repair help if you are.

First, let’s look at your fireplace and see if it’s a quick fix you can do—or whether it’s wiser to contact the electric fireplace repair professionals at Stapleton Electric. Checking to see that your fireplace is plugged in may be as much troubleshooting as you’re comfortable with. That’s okay!


If you’re not comfortable with things like removing panels, replacing parts, or basic repair, a hands-off approach is wise– not only for safety’s sake but for the extra aggravation, and even the cost of a do-it-yourself repair gone awry. But you’ll likely find one or two things on the following list that you’re comfortable troubleshooting on your own.

Problem: The heater is on. Where’s the heat?
Solution: Turn all switches to “off.” Unplug the fireplace for 5 minutes, then power everything back up. Yes, this sounds like the same classic support solution offered by computer techs. But the chances are good that this simple fix will work, and you’ll be spared further grief.

Problem: The flame is on, but there’s no heat.
Solution: Check that the mechanical thermostat knob is on the highest setting by turning it clockwise.

Problem: The logs, ember beds or flames are glowing very dimly.
Solution: Check loosely connected wires and call us if it looks like it needs replacing.

Problem: The unit turns off by itself.
Solution: Replace the remote control.

Problem: The ember bed is glowing, but there’s no flame.
Solution: Open the back panel and check the spinner spindle. Is it connected to the motor? Is the flame generator drive motor running? If it’s not, get in touch with us.

Problem: The circuit breaker trips or blows a fuse when turned on.
Solution: The wire has short-circuited. Plug the unit into another electrical outlet. You may need a dedicated 15-amp circuit. We can install one for you.

Problem: Your heater is noisy! (And there’s no volume control.)
Solution: You’ve got a unit that’s either dirty or in need of repair. Ensure the log cavity is free of dirt and dust. The same goes for intake louvers.

Again, don’t try to troubleshoot or fix something you’re not comfortable with. Contact us at Stapleton Electric and we’ll be there to identify the fireplace problem and solve it safely. Phone us at 778-985-9395, or message us on our website’s contact page for professional expertise, advice, repair, and installation of everything electric.