If you’ve got a pool in your backyard, you understand how wonderful it is to simply be able to walk out your door and immerse yourself in a bit of water therapy, whether it’s swimming laps each morning or basking in the sun while floating aimlessly after a long, trying day at work. And, of course, it’s a great place for the kids and their friends to gather or an ideal spot for you to entertain your besties with a great outdoor meal and some water-based fun.

Chances are you’ve invested a good deal of money in your pool, whether it’s new or has been on your property for a while. So much goes into maintaining a pool including cleaning, maintaining chlorine levels, repairing equipment, and much more.

But what about the items besides the pool itself? You’ve probably thought a lot about landscaping and hardscaping and have carefully placed plants and bushes, pavers, stones, and more. But how about lighting?

Pool lighting serves two purposes. Of course, it’s functional. If you want to use your pool at night after the sun goes down, good lighting allows you and your fellow swimmers to make your way around your yard and into your pool safely without danger of slip-and-fall accidents. But good pool lighting can also be aesthetically beautiful, adding a resort-type feel to your backyard, whether it’s sprawling in size or only a little larger than the pool itself.

Pool lighting trends have changed over the years, and at Stapleton Electric we’ve noticed that some lighting trends are now more popular than ever. And given the fact that many families have stayed home this past year rather than travel, more and more pool owners are getting creative with their lighting, hoping to create a “stay-cation” atmosphere that’s soothing as well as beautiful.

Floating pool lights

If you want to have a little fun with lighting, think about adding some floating lights to your pool. Though these aren’t exterior lighting options (they’re not part of the landscaping), they are a wonderful option and add an extra twinkle to your backyard. Floating pool lights are offered in a variety of shapes (globes, eggs, cubes, etc.) as well as a collection of sizes. Another super cool element of these lights is that they’re often available in scores of colors that you can control from a phone app or via remote control. You’ll have a blast shifting colors as your mood changes or to fit the theme of your latest backyard pool party!

In-ground lighting

Outside the pool, in-ground lighting is classic and will likely never go out of style. Installed around your pool in places that need to be well lit or in spots that add a bit of ambiance, in ground lighting is sophisticated yet modern and will serve you well for years to come. An expert in lighting can help you determine where best to place your in-ground lights so as to get the desired results you seek. Also consider this type of lighting on any steps in your pool area, which certainly need to be lit when it’s dark outside.

Illuminate your landscaping

If you’re particularly proud of your landscaping, you’ll want to show it off, even at night. When you light your landscaping, you create a beautiful backdrop for your gatherings, whether it’s a quiet dinner and drinks with a few friends or a lively party with 20 of your best buds. Lighting in bushes, on waterfalls, or focused on trees can make your backyard shine. Experiment with different light intensities or beam spreads to focus attention on your best elements.

Torches, torches!

So many pool owners have experimented with those cheap tiki torches you can buy at your local home improvement store. They can get the job done for a while but are usually of inferior quality and don’t last through multiple summers. Consider, instead, an electric “torch” made of brass or copper that will not only add some beautiful low-level lighting to your pool area but will also last longer than those oil-burning torches as well. They can be wired into the rest of your low-voltage lighting system.

“Moon” lighting

There’s nothing quite as lovely and romantic as moonlight. Songwriters have been penning lyrics about it for decades! You can achieve a moonlight-type effect in your pool area by mounting a fixture up high, such as on the top of your house or in a tree, and aiming it down at the pool area. By using a soft light with a wide beam, you’ll achieve illumination that’s still functional but lovelier than a strong direct light that’s mounted closer to the pool. These subtle lights lend truth to the adage that “less is more” and are a favorite with pool owners.


At Stapleton Electric, we can offer you our years and years of experience in designing creative lighting for Vancouver area homes, both inside and out. Our experts are eager to sit down and brainstorm with you about your backyard escape, providing the knowledge you’ll need to design the ideal plan for lighting your pool area and the landscaping around it. For a no-obligation consultation, call us at 778-985-9395 to schedule an appointment.