When partnering with a Burnaby electrical company for your residential or business project, we know that you are making a significant decision for your family or your team. Quality and efficiency in a partner can impact not only your budget, but also the longevity of your building or project.

So, when searching for a Burnaby electrical company, what should you look for? At Stapleton Electric, we check all of the boxes that we have outlined below, though we know the importance of making a sound decision for you.


Here are 5 things to look for when deciding on a Burnaby electrical company


1. Ask your electrician for their qualifications

Just like any other profession, we know that not all electricians are the same. When searching for an electrical company to partner with, you must ensure that they have the qualifications and experience you need for your project.

Using an experienced and qualified electrician will not only mean you get the quality and standard of safety, it also means that the reputation of the individual and their business precedes them.


2. Be sure to check referenced and recommendations 

There is (almost) nothing like a review or recommendation from a friend, family member or someone you trust. A recommendation is nearly invaluable. Knowing that someone you know had a positive experience with a Burnaby electrical company will set you and your project up for success.


3. First impressions do matter.

In your first consultation, be sure to identify whether or not you will align with your selected business. First impressions, like being on-time, having great communication skills and being open to feedback – with a great attitude! – will go a long way in your project development.


4. Ask for confirmation of their business licence and insurance 

One of the most important factors when considering a Burnaby electrical company is their business licence and experience.  Now, the first step in this article Рthe qualifications Рwill often support the experience factor; however, this step supports the focus on the validity of the business itself. A licence will guarantee that the electrician has completed the courses necessary to do their job. Also, be sure to ask about their level of insurance. Do not hesitate to ask for copies of their up to date insurance and policies to ensure they have not expired.


5. If possible, determine if you can gain access to a worksite

Although it takes a well trained and experienced eye to determine the level of professionalism on a job site, there are items you can look at – like the cleanliness of the wires, and the placement of switches and outlets. You will not always have the opportunity to view a job site, so this would be an item to look for if you have the opportunity.


Here at Stapleton Electric, we take a great deal of pride in the work we do. Our focus and attention to detail means you receive the quality level of expertise you can always count on. To learn more and receive a consultation, get in touch with us here.